December 5, 2019

Big Beets

Late last year (2018) i bought some beets that were on sale but i couldn’t finish them.

So I decided to put them in the ground for safe keeping.  I am hoping that the beets will flower, so I can grow more beets.  

A few months later, i decided rearrange the garden bed and harvest 1 beet. 

I usually just suateed the greens. “beet tops carry more minerals, vitamins and health benefiting pigment antioxidants than its taproot, and yet they come as one of the very low calories leafy-greens”

sauteed salmon with beet greens

This is Sauteed salmon with beet greens and red onions.


Later this year (2019), I harvested another one. Preparing the boys for soccer championship games.

Big Beet

Playoffs 1

Playoff 2