December 2, 2019

Supplemental food for the dogs – no waste

I have a Golden Retriever and a German Shephard

Peppermint German Shepherd, Rex Golden Retriever

I enjoy thinking of ways to be healthy and cooking for the family.

Even for my dogs.  I will save all bones, chicken bones, beef bones, pork bones, and duck bones. When we are at home or at a restaurant, I will bring the bones home and stick them in the freezer until I am ready to cook them.

When i cook the bones is when i take the slow cooker out.  I will put half the slow cooker bowl of bones and then I top it off with water.  Set the slow cooker on high and for 20 hours.

This will make the bones nice and soft. The bones are so soft that i can put them in the blender and make bone slurry for the dogs.  I separate and strain the broth separate from the bones.  I either use the broth to soak the dog food or I will mix use it in my cooking.

After blending the bones, I scoop out 1 heaping spoon for each dog bowl and mix it with dog food and rice.  Sometimes I will cook some potatoes and add that to the dog food.  Bananas are good too.