August 20, 2019

Life without microwaves

When i was a kid, only the rich people would own microwaves. We would have left overs and it would be reheated on a stove top, or steamed.

Nowadays, everyone has a microwave.  It is as common as a refrigerator.  My first thought to live without a microwave started when i went to my friends house.  The food was a little cold and i asked where the microwave was to warm the food.  My friend said that they got rid of their microwave and took my food to reheat on the stove.  What a novel idea!  i have been bouncing the idea around with my husband.  It is sad to say, but it has been easier to get him on baord to a healthier lifestyle, since he is a colon cancer survivor.

When we first met, he really liked all the process food, like american kraft singles and burgers and hot dogs.  I liked them too, but i also like the natural stuff, like real sharp or mild cheese.

After we got back home from our friend’s house, Jeff and I had a conversation about the microwave, this was in the beginning of 2 years ago (2017).  Right around that time, our microwave finally crapped out. I was thinking perfect. we will just live without a microwave. But then my mother in law was worried that I would be working too hard to feed the family. So she went out and bought my family a microwave.  I was aghast.  She was offended.  I apologized.  Then i asked her, if she uses her microwave at her home.  She said nope. She reheats on the stove. I am not sure why it would be different in my house esp, with 3 young kids.  We tried to compromise.  OK, we will ONLY use the microwave when we really don’t have time.

Yeah, …. then we went back to our old habits and started to rely on the micowave again.


Last night was the perfect night to hide the microwave.

The family was out for soccer practice, mother in law went to the casino for the night and i was home alone with my 2 dogs.  I took the microwave and moved it to the garage. Jeff got home. He didn’t notice it at first, but then  when he went to look for the time, he noticed that it was gone.  The counter was spacious.  I feel quite librated and cleansed.

So, the test has started.  The kids go to school and we pack lunch for them.  Today, the kids had homemade mac and cheese.  We reheated the mac and cheese by steaming it.  In a big pot, I put 2 cups of water and then the glass container of mac and cheese on a wire rack.  It took about 10 mins to heat nicely and evenly.  BAM!  the meal was reheated with no microwave!

Now, I just have to wait and see what my mother in law’s opinion about this.  

And then the next step is to get rid of the microwave altogether.  Find a new home for it.

This is also giving me ideas how to bring hot food to work, so i don’t use the microwave at work.